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leitner-and-getzNationally recognized as preeminent matrimonial and family law attorneys, the partners at Leitner & Getz LLP have developed a strong reputation for sophisticated, skillful advocacy through all aspects of divorce cases, including trials and appeals. For more than twenty years, Leitner & Getz LLP has successfully represented clients from diverse backgrounds — from lawyers to executives to mid-level salaried employees to housewives and homemakers — by providing intensive personal research, strategy development, analysis and trial and appeals preparation and representation.

We understand from years of experience that a highly cooperative and positive symbiosis between us and our client is essential to achieve the best result, so we emphasize the importance of our client’s dedicated participation throughout every stage of the case. Our representation in divorce cases typically begins with an intense and in depth analysis of your immediate financial and custody concerns. We promptly turn our attention to preparation of the requisite detailed net worth statement and interposing or opposing temporary or “pendente lite” spousal maintenance, child support and custody applications. We then work with you to develop an overriding strategy concerning the larger financial issues of equitable distribution of the marital estate, separate property issues, and permanent child custody. We continue to marshall your case through the often extensive discovery phase, secure relevant and material documentation concerning the issues to be resolved, and prepare you for defense of your oral depositions and the deposition of your adversary.

leitner-getz-nyc-divorceWhen we have completed the discovery phase of the case, we continue our preparation for trial. While we understand that the trial process can be grueling and unpleasant, we maintain the philosophy that one of the most important elements of successful representation is the ability to proceed to try a case if negotiation does not resolve the conflict favorably. We know from years of experience that one of the most successful strategies in securing a favorable settlement at any stage of a divorce case in New York is to have the reputation and ability as competent, forceful trial attorneys who will proceed formally to trial, if necessary.

Our years of experience as trial lawyers have given us a strong reputation for successful, professional representation throughout the litigation process and the skills and confidence to try complex cases. In addition, we are also well equipped to prosecute or defend all appeals, if the need arises, and we humbly believe our appellate work is some of the finest available anywhere. The results obtained for our clients speak for themselves.

Contact us today to find out how our collaborative, systematic approach to case preparation, extensive experience and skills as litigators, and reputation for excellence as divorce attorneys in New York can help you achieve the best possible outcome for your divorce case.