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Complex Matrimonial Law Firm in NYC – Change of Circumstances

The world is a rapidly changing place and, after individuals have resolved their matrimonial disputes, their circumstances can change in a way that requires adjustment in the dispositions in the divorce judgment. Employment can change and income can increase or decrease to a material degree. Divorced individuals or their children can develop special needs over time. Leitner & Getz LLP has the means and experience to revisit these issues and make the most auspicious presentation to the court to secure appropriate post judgment relief for our clients in these circumstances.

Forensic Consultants

leitner-getz-forensic-consultantsComplex matrimonial litigation inevitably requires extensive discovery proceedings to secure information concerning spousal assets and the scope and extent of the marital estate. In this regard, Leitner & Getz LLP frequently works with independent consultants, such as forensic accountants and business appraisers, to develop and analyze the documentary evidence necessary to maximize our client’s position concerning all financial aspects in the action. We are also experienced in working with forensic psychiatrists and psychologists during the course of our representations involving child custody issues.

International Issues

leitner-getz-international-issuesCouples often marry and possess assets in foreign countries but move to and reside in New York. These circumstances present issues that require proceedings beyond the New York area and resolution under the laws of several forums. Leitner & Getz LLP has extensive experience working successfully with lawyers engaged in foreign jurisdictions concerning the interrelationship between proceedings in their jurisdictions and New York proceedings as well as the impact of the results in foreign jurisdictions upon our clients’ rights and remedies here in New York.

Pendente Lite Awards

leitner-getz-nyc-divorceCouples often separate under extenuating and emotionally charged circumstances and, as a consequence, prompt and effective representation is required on an expedited basis. New residences must be secured, family finances must be rearranged, and children must be provided for without undue delay.

Leitner & Getz LLP has the capacity to react quickly and secure emergency or temporary “pendente lite” spousal maintenance and child support awards to protect our clients by ensuring that the proper financial resources will continue to be dedicated despite the turmoil that inevitably accompanies the early stages of matrimonial litigation. We pride ourselves on our particular success in this important area of matrimonial law and practice. See Dareh Gregorian, “That’s a Lot of Bread,” New York Post, June 12, 2009, page 2, reporting our success in securing approximately $30,000 per month in pendente lite maintenance and support for our client. We are equally adept in defending against motions for pendente lite relief. Our experience enables us to guard against overzealous efforts to secure unfair or exaggerated awards.

Trusts and Estates

New_York_City_-_Upper_West_Side_BrownstoneMany high stakes matrimonial litigations involve family trusts of one kind or another that implicate marital assets and affect the spouses’ equitable distribution rights. In such cases, litigation can be complex and intensive, frequently evolving under the jurisdiction of the New York Surrogate’s Court.

Leitner & Getz LLP has expertise in these complex cases. As part of our matrimonial representation in one recent case, we were required to defend against a litany of proceedings in Surrogate’s Court challenging the validity and administration of various family trusts established by our client for the benefit of his spouse and child. We were successful in this defense and able to maintain the validity of the trust structure and, concomitantly, the integrity of the estate plan constructed and implemented with great effort and precision by our client.